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Adult Control

Adulticiding can be used in some areas to reduce mosquito activity for limited times.

If indicators show that large numbers of the adult mosquitoes have West Nile Virus then the only way to kill these potential vectors is to conduct large area spraying at night.  At these times because of the time factors involved we will notify the town and the local health department.  This spraying will take place from around sun set to a few hours after sunset.  Larval control is the most effective means of controlling mosquito populations. However, sometimes adult populations become large enough to require adult spraying.

The SCCMAD will also conduct barrier spraying for municipal events such as Summer fairs, Fourth of July fireworks, high school football games, and movies in the park. 

The SCCMAD currently uses a synthetic pyrethroid, Aqua Reslin, for Adult Control. This chemical is licensed in Illinois for mosquito control and is applied with the use of an Ultra-Low Volume (ULV) sprayer. These machines are calibrated yearly for optimal operation.

Some people are opposed to the use of adulticides for environmental reasons.  We do sympathize with these people and try to keep our spraying to a minimum.  Also, some people are allergic or highly sensitive to these chemicals.  We will do our best to avoid spraying around your home but this may not always be possible.  If this condition exists for you or someone in your household please give us a call at 708-333-4120 so we can add your address to a list and inform you when we will be doing any spraying in your neighborhood. 

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