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Birds and West Nile Virus

are very susceptible to the West Nile Virus.

Birds are important in the spread of West Nile Virus.  All bird species can get West Nile, however, only some species have high mortality rates when they get infected.  Crows, Blue Jays and a few other species are very suseptable to West Nile. Because of this, some bird species have become important surveillance tools for identifying areas with WNV. 

The State of Illinois is currently testing dead bird specimens during the mosquito season for the presence of this virus.  It will accept certain species of dead birds in good condition for testing from local and county health departments.  If you find a dead bird please contact your local health department for possible collection.  If possible, identify the species of the bird as only certain species are being tested.  Also, if the dead bird is showing conditions of decomposition, such as maggots present on it, it can not be tested. 

For residents of the SCCMAD please contact:

Cook County Department of Public Health

or the Chicago Department of Public Health

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What do perching birds look like?
Perching birds are:

Blue jay Mockingbird
Cardinal (male) Robin
Cardinal (female) Sparrow
Catbird Starling
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