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Larval Control

The South Cook County Mosquito Abatement District concentrates on larval control to reduce mosquito populations.  Larval control is the most effective means of controlling mosquito populations.  At this stage in their development mosquitoes are restricted to living in water.  If we can kill them at this stage they never get a chance to fly around and become a nuisance or disease vector. 

Operators go to sources on a regular basis to check for the presence of mosquito larva.  Usually we check areas every 10 to 14 days.  These operators have maps showing known mosquito breeding areas.  When mosquito larva are found the source is treated to kill the larva.  Larval samples are taken regularly to determine which mosquito species are present, different locations will breed different species of mosquitoes.  What species is present is important to know because some species are major nuisances, some can spread disease, and some are considered unimportant.

All SCCMAD operators are licensed by the State of Illinois to apply pesticides in a proper manner, depending on the source different treatments are made to kill the larva. Generally we use three different types of pesticides:

Altosid®: This is a slow release chemical that prevents mosquito larva from changing from larva to pupa to adult. It is usually used in roadside catch basins, backyard pools, and other standing water locations. The formulation we use is a 30 day briquette.

Oil: This is a highly refined oil that covers the surface of the water and suffocates most mosquito larva and pupa.

BTi: Bacillus thuringiensis subspecies israelensis is a bacteria commonly called Bti. This is a biological toxin formulated on corn cob granules.

What pesticide is used depends on the location. Areas such as roadside ditches, cattail marshes, sluggish streams, retention ponds, tires, backyard swimming pools, tire ruts, and other breeding sources are treated as needed.

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