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ditches often hold water and are ideal mosquito breeding sites.

Douglas Wright

Douglas Wright, General Manager


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Message from the Manager’s Desk

         The 2016 mosquito season started cool and very wet. Mosquito larva of woodland species began to appear early spring in forested areas, spring rains and pools of melting snow. Mid May brought hot temperatures with above average rain causing heavy mosquito breeding District wide. The hot and wet weather persisted throughout the summer and fall mosquito season. A total of 358 mosquito pools were tested with the RAMP system. Forty-seven (47) of these pools (13.13%) were positive for West Nile Virus from eighteen (18) different locations. One hundred thirty-six (136) human cases have been reported in Illinois with ninety (90) of these in Cook County and sixteen (16) in SCCMAD.

         The South Cook County Mosquito Abatement District continued a high level of surveillance for the presence of mosquito-borne diseases, and maintained a close liaison with the Illinois and Cook County Departments of Public Health, and local Public Works and Health agencies in an effort to prevent these diseases.

         We are consistently stressing the importance of having a good to excellent survey and surveillance on all mosquitoes in our District and using larviciding as our primary control method to accomplish our goal.


         It is important that residents and businesses eliminate stagnant water on their properties. To avoid mosquito bites and prevent West Nile Virus disease, these precautions are recommended:

  • Avoid being outdoors when mosquitoes are most active, especially between dusk and dawn.
  • When outdoors at this time, use mosquito repellent.
  • Change water in bird baths and wading pools daily.
  • Eliminate water in flowerpots, children toys, old tires and any other receptacles.
  • Clear gutters and down spouts so water does not sit in them.
  • Report catch basin or standing water on you property to SCCMAD.
  • Un-maintained swimming pools may produce thousands of mosquitoes. Report these instances to your City Hall or SCCMAD.

Douglas Wright, General Manager
South Cook County Mosquito Abatement District

Main Office:15500 Dixie Highway
Harvey, Il. 60426
Office phone: 708-333-4120
Office fax: 708-333-0306

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